Saturday, October 07, 2006

Chelsea is 23

Well, i have gained another year... and i stand (proudly?) 23 years old. Oh how this Birthdya celebration differed from teh last. Erin, my roomate, and I had the best intentions of planning abirthday bash, chatting a month before about its potential, but of course like many things in are life that dont hold weight in our day to day it slipped our mind. So 3 days before Bday I casually started invinting "my friends" aka people who i communicate with on a daily basis.. the concept of friend here needs to be reoriented. I have conceeded that i will have no deep intimate connections that my friends from teh states and I pride ourselves on. rather my relations, hellos and chit chat about daily life, and sharing the occasional beer must suffice the friendship need.

To be honest planning a party here is a very stresful event. There is no casual invite friends for a drink. Patys are very formal special occassions, because the majoity of my friends cant afford to go out and have a soda or drink, and a party provides teh opportunity for drinking soda and eating food other that xima, rice, and leaves. tradtionally people ive formal inviatins and ask for a contribution. but i wanted to invite people who couldnt contribute- he stress was inhow much food and drinkto buy due to the ambiguity of the number that would and and of course my limited salary... was difficult to find the balance between enough, but not t much. which seems quite trivial now, but i assure you it was the topic of the majoity of erin and i conversations in the days preceeding the party. And of course i was stressed because i would judge my level of intergation and acceptance in teh community by the number of invitees who soed. So the day trudged on, and as the hour near i put on my party girl outfit, a hot pink skit and heels, what else would chelsea wear?

We walked four abreast to the determined party location, chatting nervously to ease my mind from my social destiny. Thankfully when we arrived the Donna had set up our table, check, first disaster avoided, now we jsut needed peole. I waited nervously for the guest to arrive, trying to soothe my mind, by reminding myself 9pm mozambiquan time was 10-1030.... but by 930 guests started arriving.. must admit the first guest was a schock. instead of saying welcom, i said, you came! and slowly they trickled in. A modge pode of my life in dondo... various collegeus, students, my frinds from teh library, neighbors, the random community members i chat with but dont know there names, and of course my dear friends erin, gildo, samito, kelly and hisae. But somehow we congelled together to have a spanking good time. offcourse we danced the night away and people stammered out around 2 in the morning overthanking me. overall a success

moral of the story never underestimate the power of free food and drink.


Blogger Gila said...

miss you lots and lots and lots... reread your blog lots and lots and lots...hope all is well with you- cant wait for your next update. MWAH!


11:57 AM  
Blogger mel said...

chelsea-you are such a stud, it's unreal. miss you. can't wait to hear from you again...and one of these days...let's hang out somewhere, ya?

7:13 PM  
Blogger Margarida said...

Hi Chelsea,

I just stumbled uppon your blog whilst searching for info on mozambique. I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for sharing your thoughts and views. I am going to the Ilha de Mozambique for six months to work in a project and your words were an inspiration! Hope you keept travelling and growing where ever you may be!! ;)

6:35 PM  

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