Saturday, September 02, 2006


I can't get the forceful words of a missionary I heard last Sunday out of my head. "Preperar! Para est vie de Juesus Christo est perto, abri seu corazons, tirar pedras, coisas est que prohibrir voce de viver na caminha de Deus." Its not that here words were profound or original, you can here variations coming from any missionary, that resonates with me, but rather the manner in which they were delivered. With Whole hearted belief, that the book that she grasped in he hand was the truth and the way, the only way, to the foretold promise land. How odes such an unwavering belief develop? I am bewildered by this tenancity of faith. But, more importantly I have been grappling with how I feel about missionaries.

Sitting around your dinner table in the United States after you have had a filling meal, probably accompanied by a glass of wine, it is easy to condom them. Propergating faith, converting by providing basic human needs to those who dont have the means to provide them. Evangelizing is demonized in the liberal circles i ran in. It took me coming to a developing nation to get real prospective. The missionaries do Damn good work here. The run the majority of, and the best orphanages int Mozambieqe. Their churches act as a community center. Church becomes a social event, provides an opportunity to do something, it becomes an event that presses on for 3 hours full of music, singing, and dancing. whoo the dancity their quasi routines, where everyone participates formt eh baby strapped onto the mothers back to the Avo who gentle shuffles her callaoused feet.

But how do the converted Mozambiquans feel about the words being said (the words of god)? The words that disencourage ancient cultural practices, that demonize tradtional healers, once highly respected leaders int he community. I look a the faces of the congreation and often there eyes are vacant and lips are tight, in neither a smile or a frown, he stationary not moving in consent or dissaproval. So how do they feel... are they just waiting for the next opportunity to sing and dance? Have they seen the light, or is going to church a practice accepted in return ofr a community gathering and the perks the church provides. What if there were another facet way to organize the community, would it thrive as christainity does?


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