Saturday, June 03, 2006

Where does change come from?

The promlem of AIDS... how do we change the behavior. Soulutions are not found in rope memorization, abstinence, fidelity, condoms, these words are regergitated on demand in Portuguese, English, or dialect, your choice. The wear the button, get tested, society chalk full of propaganda, red ribbons painted on every tree and building. But the behavior isnt changing, WHY? Where are the change makeers- the leaders that claim "I am Positive." Babies suckign on poision milk becasue formula is too expensive, women forced to submit to unfaithful husbans- polygomy is a breading ground- Who are the change makers? Who will step up, because AIDS has one and four here, and soon it will be taking your first born

So how do we get through?

Well bribery has worked for me. After a turma bombed there first test I offered 2 recooperation points for everyone who got HIV tested and showed me there cards. (The GATV, free voluntaring testing site, give cards that keep a record of the date your tested, not the result) Granted this is walking a very thin line on the voluntary aspect of the clinque, but I thought it was a risk worth talking, no pun intended. The offer was greated with moans and "but teacher." But sure enough the following class 8 people appeared with new GATV cards in hand.... 5 of them got tested for the first time.

Pouco e Pouco, right?


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