Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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Brief comparision on the 'nimal Facts of Life'

Here people know the animal facts of life as few people from the developed world will ever know again. Without embarrassment they accept life and death. They can kill a chicken, dress it , and eat it afterward with little repugnance, and i am prould to say i can now put myself in this category. Which beofre arving here I would think impossible. We have been conditioned to think of chickens as neatly sorted cellophane packages of breasts, wings, legs, and thighs without guts or mess. and the whole process of course absent of death. Death and life are everyday affairs here. After compliments its norma to mention the loss of a husband or smile - information deleivered with a smile- the appropriate responese is aknowledgment, brief condolnensces and and then a comfortable transition into another subject. Here peole suffer a degree of pain that I could not tolerate. They live life hard, grieve loss briefly, and bear children without anesthtic.


Blogger Gila said...


my dear chicken cutter.. would compare it to watching bombay hacking of fishheads in the market, but its just not the same. i love you and am amazed by you, i check your blog religiously and miss you religiousloy. take care and lots of love - gi

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