Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm going to Africa

Ok i'm off to Africa today!

I will have a cell phone, number to come, and i get free incoming calls. So holla at your African chelsea.

Peace and love to all

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lingering impressions of VT

Leaving Vermont, the places I find comfort, peace, and belonging. Walking through these woods one last time I find myself deafened by the silence, blinded by the deep evergreens, and speechless by the sweet air. But as quickly as my omniscient mother overcomes me her shimmering granny smith apple greens, instantly bring me back to appreciate the richness of all she has to offer. I watch the giant maple trees come to life as those five pointed leaves dance with each gust of wind, gently twisting between the sea-foam green underside and bright kelly green top. Somehow this rhythmic dance of the maple tree, each hue of green, and ray of sunlight filtered through these ancient woods provides a glimpse at my purpose and understanding of the journey I am about to embark on. I see the struggle through thickets of young maples competing for life, for space, for sun- their immensity is not in their size but in their numbers, sifting the light illuminating patterns of chocolate brown soil. The kind of soil city folk long to run their fingers through, the soil that is screaming for seeds and seems a sin not to proved life.

Finding my existence through the reflection of mother natures intricate beauty- the graceful blue heron, pine greens, feathery ferns, fire colored fungi, medicinal moss, beautiful bark, and sweet strawberries. Can I burn these images into my mind so my home travels with me-the pale yellow mixed with bright blue, the sun falling on the tips of evergreens now black in contrast- remember running over the hand crafted arch bride to the grassy knoll, fondly called the beach, to see the sun setting in its full luxurious glory, the reflection of soft light on the glassy pond. I will not forget. Strapping memories, feelings, relationships to my back, so in my travels I will always be home.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Details my Dear

Count Down: T-11 days

Well, the widly talked about adventure is finally coming to furition. The fantasy, the goal, the dream is pushing its way towards reality as each day eases by. Here's a brief breakdown of my summer.

I moved back to Vermont last saturday after the most spectacular summer in cambridge/boston... I was working in the national recruitment department for an amazing organization, grassroots campaigns, helping to staff up the 2006 moveOn political action and other various progressive groups campaigns. I worked along side young burning liberals like myself... I lived in a beautiful apartment right in central square... man drunken nights are so much easier when you're a 2 min walk from the redline. I shared so many laughs and good times with my amazing roomate, the light of my life, sarah, and my bestest brandesian friends tamzzy, jenna, ryan, the list goes on and on. Our apratment had the most spectacular roof, that locked from the outside, why is this important? because we could tan naked and lock everyone else out! the roof also provided the prefect venues for BBQ and parties.....

I am leaving out a very important detail from this summer.... ms. chelsea keyser fell in love, and no less to a man. a wonderful, amazing, sensitive, smart, funny, sexy man. and in typical chelsea fashion it was surrounded by a bit of drama... he happended to be my coworker, and we may have hooked up for the first time at a bar with alll of my coworkers. but everything panned out for the best. we had a beautiful summer together and i am so thankful to have him in my life...

so now im in VT preparing.. details details... credit cards, student loans, power of attorney's, shopping, emailing, calling, so my details... but keeping busy his helping me not to freak out. so ill go with it.

until next time--

ps new email chelsealarkin@gmail.com